Check List of Information

  • Personal details : Names, address and contact day/evening phone nos., email ids  and occupation of tax payer and spouse, if employed. Alien Immigrant Status, Visa type.
  • W2s & 1099 Misc
  • 1099s Annual Statements of interest, dividends, sale of stocks etc received from banks/financial institutions. Purchase details for the stocks sold during the year (date of purchase, quantity and the cost)
  • Capital Loss/Capital gain statement for the year &  carry forward information from previous years for new clients
  • IRA Contributions & Withdrawals (Form 1099-R)
  • Previous years Tax Return(s) copies for new clientsDependent Information : Name, SSN / ITIN , Date of Birth of spouse and other dependents.
  • Real Estate / Personal Property Taxes, Mortgage Interest paid, if any
  • Details of purchase of house with closing statement
  • Details of job related expenses incurred i.e, job related travel , professional subscriptions, purchase of software/hardware, tolls/parking, commuting , mileage, business phone  etc
  • Relocation expenses if any. If relocation expenses are met by the employer no tax break can be taken for it.
  • Details of state tax refunds and rate reduction checks received from IRS
  • Rents paid
  • Dependent Care Expenses :Name, address & Tax ID of the daycare provider and the amount spent on each child’s day care.
  • Donations and Charitable Contributions if any.
  • Estimated taxes paid and any payments made with extensions.
  • Bank routing and account number, in case refund is to be directly deposited in account.
  • If worked in more than one state then details of job and the period of stay in each state.
  • Education expenses like tuition fees as reported on Form 1098 T issued by the educational institution, Interest on educational loan etc.

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